Friday, 22 March 2013


Are you ever reminscent of sunnier summer breaks?
Bike rides furiously on estate curbs
And there she was;
Young Sophia
Freckled skin hides behind large framed lenses
Hair in innocent ponytail
She's Dominican?
Island girl
Her mum was aunty Bessy, her brother my best friend;
Sofia was my first crush, first love
Ode to Sophia
Can we journey back in time when it all seemed so easy
I won her heart from dangerous manouevres 
I'd peddle in great speed towards her
Then just before she and I thought love will collide in a fateful tragedy
Right hand break will swerve into a gradual skid
I'd smile
Never lost that boyish charm of mine
She'd offer me her hand to kiss.

I never did kiss it
I was never noble enough to kiss my Sophia
Sophia was dream to boys who star gazed at night
Their nocturnal ways obstructing visions of true love
They'd lay still at night feeling echoes of her absence
It vibrates gently on their back
Soothes them even
Ode to Sophia 
A gentle lullaby
Until one night they can fall asleep again
The patient dream Sophia waits.