Monday, 19 August 2013

If I was your man

If I was your man things would be so much easier, sun will set and the moon will rise with a gentler ease,
They will cease to tease one another over fluid conversations about alternate realities...
Things will gently fall into place, like two autumn leaves cascading ever so gallingly
They will spend a love-time suspended in the air, an old woman in the park will wonder which will touch the ground first.
Her patience wears thin before either does.
The leaves would dance and spin around each other to the sweet humming of the wind.
They’d nestle as they plunge, you can see their hands as they clasp each other
The grip will be desperate; both play martyr as they toss and turn, trying to stop the other from hitting the ground first.
If I was your boyfriend you’d know how that feels
The sacrifice it takes to hold back even though the inside cries you could love her more...
You’d be the naive part of her
The one that inspires when she’s in a rot, she’d be able to plunge into every night with you
Both explore the mind’s forest, you’d be each other’s secrets
She’d try to hide you even from herself
You’d marry her
She’d be your wife
You would both snuggle into each other under the tree
The wind will play your wedding song
First dance will be your last
She’d cry, you’d dry her tears
She’d wish for the times she was still a blossom
And you were young enough brush against her on the branches
We use to wait for everyone else to fall asleep
Under the glow of the moon we’d share metaphors
You’d wish you were bolder
She’d wish you both fell from the branches sooner.


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  2. "The wind will play your wedding song." That line and sentiment is so gorgeous!