Wednesday, 25 September 2013

For Yinka

Last  night, I went to an open mic event hoping to read this out to my dearest friend. Stars didn't align.

For Yinka

How do you tell a friend tell friend that you love her
Till the end till the end you deserve her
She’s the growth of you
We grew together
She showed you what you were to suppose to do
I use to write poetry for her
Sociology classes; time never moved more sweeter
I swear I could’ve loved her
Like a real brother would
No man could ever be good enough for my sister
So secretly I revel when she complains about the lack of brothers out there
I tell her to bide her time
Don’t you know you have Gods waiting for you?
Your path’s not even an ordinary one
Just like your name
You drive curiosity
How do you tell a friend tell a friend you adore her
You’d happily go before her to make sure the path was safe
No path could ever be safer
I’ve watched you glide across Atlantic oceans as much as I have
Our creative flights colliding whenever it can
You’ve inspired the inner child in me
You stand firm; unwavering
Like a true sister should
How do you tell a friend tell a friend tell a friend
You don’t want her to go
Tell a friend tell a friend
You need one more year to show
How much you appreciate her
How sweeter life hummed when you had her near
Or at least it felt like you had her near
That you fear
Losing her
Having her become a distant memory
Something that fades
Leaves a subtle trace
Of times when we could afford to dream
When we were still young
And we’d drive teachers crazy
And we weren’t afraid
To tell a friend tell a friend
You love and need her
More than you knew
More than she knew.
How do you tell a friend.

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